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0 Mejores Activetube Packs. Precios y Opiniones.

0 Mejores Activetube Packs
26 Feb

Mega estudio para activetube pack. Famosos expertos examinan los 0 principales modelos de las marcas más punteras y consiguen las mejores ofertas para ti. No te arriesgues en el momento de conseguir online Más sobre arkham horror lcg pack, con nuestra selección te ahorrarás horas de búsqueda y comparación, estás dentro del sitio correcto para zanjar todas tus dudas y comprar online con precios de locura.

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¿Cuál adquirir?, ¿Que opiniones tiene?, ¿Cuales son los más vendidos? En el siguiente cheklist estamos tratando de ayudarte a seleccionar por medio de la elección profesional de los Top [N] kit de. Compara precios, lee nuestras críticas y lee nuestros tips

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Activetube pack, container maintains an effervescent analgesic while providing patient convenience

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Solving multiple patient and product issues with one package is the hallmark of good package design, and this principle is what earned bristol-myers squibb the dos mil nueve safe-use product award at the pharmapack dos mil nueve meeting in europe (jan 21-22, paris). Bms worked with its packaging partner, sud-chemie (munich; us hq in louisville, ky), to develop the handy-active tube (hat-snap), used with bms effervescent analgesic, efferalgan.

The patented hat-snap design incorporates a cotiza-top cap that can be opened with one hand—a desirable feature for a product often used by patients suffering from arthritis. The closure includes a breakaway tamper-evident ring, as well as an integrated desiccant component to maintain product integrity. The tube is rigid polypropylene, while the cabeza is polyethylene.

At the same time, the package has been readily incorporated into bms packaging line, where (after some redesign) it is filling at a rate of ciento cincuenta tubes/min. The integrated desiccant component and simply hinging mechanism provide cost economies while maintaining high levels of product protection, according to the companies.

“süd-chemies experts were involved in the process at an early stage and together we develop the best possible packaging,” says edmond krol, bms purchasing manager. “this is often a vital factor for subsequent success in the marketplace. ” pc

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